2012 March 21

Spritzer Mixer for Ferragamo's Signorina

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Rachel Chandler, Alexandra Richards, Bianca Balti, Lauren Remington Platt, Alexandra Richards Rachel Chandler, Alexandra Richards, Bianca Balti, Lauren Remington Platt, Alexandra Richards
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(NEW YORK) Get a whiff of this. Salvatore Ferragamo sequestered a corner of the West Village yesterday eve for a blow-out bash to celebrate the U.S. launch of their Signorina perfume at Palazzo Chupi—the palatial pink party den, and one-time horse stable, built by Julian Schnabel. Kate Mara, Piper Perabo, Emma Roberts and AnnaSophia Robb, the newly-tapped Carrie Diaries actress, gathered upstairs prior to the aromatic festivities for an exclusive buffet-style din of ahi tuna, kale salad, and roasted beets. The Ferragamo-clad starlets were joined by VIPs Michael Avedon, Harry Brant and Peter Brant Jr., Jessica Hart, Stavros Niarchos Jr. and Lauren Remington-Platt.

Meanwhile, additional guests filed in the candlelit "garage" downstairs, decorated top-to-bottom with a plethora of rosiness, from the pink balloons lining the ceiling to the pink step and repeat complete with a Barbie-hued floral backdrop. In they came! Charlotte Ronson, Khajak Keledjian, Loree Rodkin and Courtney Love. Late comers Theodora and Alexandra Richards were there, too, along with fellow hosts Stella Schnabel, model and Ferragamo face Bianca Balti, and Rachel Chandler-Guinness

"Who designed this place?" asked Man Repeller blogger Leandra Medine. "Must be someone very swanky...Swanky McSwankerstein," Medine quipped. As for her own eau de parfum, expect something along the lines of "the body odor of a Russian worker," aptly named Man Repellent. 

Mara, who's scheduled to start filming House of Cards with Kevin Spacey in two weeks, had a different take on her signature scent. “I don’t wear perfume, but I love Signorina—so sweet and feminine," said Mara. "I love knowing what someone actually smells like. Less is more in my book." But, she's not going au naturel any time soon. "I’m all for deodorant," she laughed.

"My perfume would smell beachy," confessed Ronson. "I can't reveal the name. Top secret!" Not so with Veronica Webb and CIRCA head honcho Chris Del Gatto. "We'd create a unisex perfume since Chris and I smell the same," said Webb. "It would smell like sunshine and probably be called something X-rated," added Del Gatto.

Later, as Ferragamo femmes made the rounds spritzing sweaty partygoers and offering up raspberry macarons, strawberry marshmallow squares, and fuchsia cocktails, a second wave of guests packed the space to capacity, including Carmen Cass, Marjorie Gubelmann, Peter Davis and Derek Blasberg riding up on his bike around 10:30 p.m.—just in time to hear Sting's daughter, Coco Sumner, bring the house down with her band I Blame Coco.

Continuing their olfactory tour, Ferragamo will launch a website entitled The Girls About Town on Monday, March 26, chronicling the luxe lifestyles of the brand's quintessential signorinas.

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