2011 September 13

Fashionistas Predict Regis' Successor!

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Who can fill Regis Philbin's shoes? Who can fill Regis Philbin's shoes?
Patrick McMullan
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Chic wondered...Who should replace Regis Philbin when he retires?

Mickey Boardman: "I love Andy Cohen. He wears the tighest pants in show biz. I would follow him anywhere."
Joanna Coles: "Anderson Cooper. I think it’s tragic that he already got his afternoon show."
Paul Wilmot: "Calvin Klein. He’s a great conversationalist, he’s up to date on current events, one of his favorite magazines isThe Economist."
Kate Lanphear: "Michael Carl!"
Zanna Roberts Rassi: "Say Hal! I want Hal!"
Emily Current: "Jack White. He’s serious and she’s all crazy."
Meritt Elliott: "I have Bieber fever, so…"
Solange Knowles: "Marc Jacobs."
Mary Alice Stephenson: "André Leon Talley, without a doubt. He’s big, bold, beautiful on the inside and out. He’s gonna give Kelly some serious fashion envy."
Anne Christensen: "Mickey Boardman. I’d like to see it shaken up a bit."
Ken Downing: "Ken Downing says Ken Downing. The battle of the blondes on morning televsion!"
Heidi Klum: "Neil Patrick Harris. He was there when I was recently on the show, and he’s natural and chatty. He’d be perfect."
Desiree Gruber: "I would love to see Christian Siriano’s face at 9 a.m. every morning. That face, those glasses…that would make me happy."
Adam Lippes: "The only person I can see replacing him, who has proved to be so damn good on TV, is Michael Kors!"
Simon Doonan: "Hello, moi!"
Johnson Hartig: "Anna Wintour. She and Regis have a lot of the same qualities."

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