2010 March 26

Extra, Extra

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Elie Tahari, Linda Fargo, Joe Zee Elie Tahari, Linda Fargo, Joe Zee
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(NEW YORK) Sometimes you want a cocktail. Sometimes you want Bergdorf Goodman. But do you ever want to grace a cocktail party at Bergdorf Goodman and end up as an extra on The City? Apparently, as proven by last night's cocktail fête at the haute enclave's fifth floor toasting Elie Tahari. Along with five cameramen, half a dozen production assistants, a dozen flacks, and Melissa Berkelhammer, le tout cast was . (That's Whitney Port, Joe Zee, Olivia Palermo, Robbie Myers and the like.) The rest of the crowd was rounded out by Marjorie Gubelmann, Emmy Rossum, scores of bon vivant internette types, and the uncannily photogenic Jim Gold and Linda Fargo.

It was a press event, all right. Page Six's Neel Shah---worship him next season, loves--was shuffled from background to foreground and back again, a tiny microphone wedged behind a button in his plaid shirt all the while. Champagne and some sort of vodka-tinged lemonade were served alongside minicheeseburgers and mini lemon tarts. (There was water, aussi.)

Camera-unshy crashers walked pointedly through the shooting space, while other less cameo-prone cocktailers lingered in the background, considering the Tahari ready-to-wear.  The designer in question, who does a massive business at BG, recently returned from a voyage to Milan and Israel. These days, he's focusing his decade-long yoga practice on bikram. So how does the uber-zen Tahari find the hottest show on MTV? "It's very...young," he concluded after his filming duties were fini. In the background, the fabulous The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn warbled on. "Don't know much about history..."

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