2012 March 6

Cosmo Celebrates Its Two 'F'-Words

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(NEW YORK) You’d be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic crowd at a sit-down dinner awards event than the giddy revelers at Cosmopolitan’s 15th annual Fun Fearless Awards last night. The bash sprawled over two floors in the higher-altitude environs of the Mandarin Oriental, affording lovely Central Park views for those who tore themselves from the strong cocktails—a petite Cosmo made with Patron went down pretty smoothly—and the peppy programming. “Cosmo cocktail attire” translated to a profusion of shimmery little frocks on the heavily female crowd.

February cover gal Dakota Fanning closed out an array of winners that included Liam Hemsworth, Lucy Hale, Jesse Williams, Rose Byrne, and Jonah Hill. While the award of the eve might conjure ballsy feats of epic proportions, country singer and judge on The Voice Blake Shelton confessed to a rather minor altercation as of late. “Well, I went five miles over the speed limit in Johnston County, Oklahoma,” Shelton said with a laugh.

As for conquering phobias—of which fellow Fun Fearless winner Freida Pinto harbors many, by her own admission—the solution may well be very simple, and free, to boot. “I’m the new promoter for breathing! It’s so important—I do it all the time.” Pinto exclaimed. So it makes sense that Pinto feels most fearless in the middle of a sweat session. “ I have all sorts of ideas and images when I work out, from a fierce animal to Lara Croft.” Pinto’s most recent endorphin-addled imagery has been quite specific indeed. “Lately, I’ve been imagining myself like this character in Pina that climbs up a hill and does this crazy routine.”

During cocktail hour on the 35th floor, guests tossed back those tiny but potent pink libations and perused the cute, tobacco-free take on cigarette girls of yesteryear: CoverGirl lipsticks in lieu of smokes. Then it was time to venture one floor north for a dinner spread of raspberry-dressed, pear-dappled salad followed by sizable hunks of short rib, coming full circle with a raspberry tart for dessert.

To kick off the program, EIC Kate White, fun and fearless incarnate (your Daily adores you, Kate!), said a word or two, followed by the mag’s publisher, Donna Kalajian Lagani, sharing the Hearst higher-ups' faith in that saucy brand—“Cosmo can never settle for anything else than world domination, as David [Carey] always says!” Kalajian Lagani  exclaimed, before giving the Hearst 125th anniversary a double shout out—she was apparently wearing “Hearst blue,” the same shade as the Empire State Building’s cloak of lights for the eve.

Duly noted from the awards presentation that followed: a Clueless clip of Paul Rudd got the biggest whoops and hollers of the Fun and Fearless actor’s entire clip montage; there was a maj (as in major) room-wide girl crush on Byrne. Also: Hemsworth, who recently shared his hunky, Hunger Games-starring self on the cover of Details, was humble enough to share an overly honest sibling’s reaction to his accolade: "When I told him about this award, my brother said, ‘you remind me of a big awkward dinosaur.’ So, thank you Cosmo for thinking of me as more than that,” Hemsworth said to an instant sea of “awws” from the audience.

Meanwhile, Pretty Little Liars actress (and mini-Mila Kunis, non?) Hale had met her “favorite singer,” Miranda Lambert, pre-dinner, she confessed while taking to the stage. “Can you guys hear my heart beat though the microphone?!” said Hale. “This [award] is definitely the best thing to happen in 2012.” Plus: a potential plug for a Cosmo cover, perhaps? "I can show adult side of Lucy…I have an inner vixen,” Hale explained. 

Perennial funnyman Hill didn’t disappoint in the guffaw department before getting serious—"I've never won any award in my entire life!" the shunted Oscar contender admitted, to supportive whoops and hollers.  As for Hill’s closing remarks, we’ll bet he’s not the only one. Thank you, Cosmo, for all the tricks you've taught the very few women I've been able to trick into sleeping with me."

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