2013 June 19

Clinique's "Dramatically Different" Soiree

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Lynne Greene, William Lauder, Anna Wintour, Fabrizio Freda Lynne Greene, William Lauder, Anna Wintour, Fabrizio Freda
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(NEW YORK) Last night the fashion set braved the rain for Clinique's Dramatically Different party at 620 Rockefeller's rooftop in celebration of the beauty brands remake of their iconic yellow moisturizer. The product has been reformulated by dermatologists 45 years after its initial launch. Who braved the rain for the bash? Well, Anna Wintour for starters. You know its a true fashion fête when even Anna deigns to grace it with her presence. 

Getting the party started were Hannah Bronfman and Marjorie Gubelmann on DJ duty. An unlikely suspect behind the turntables, Gubelmann's been revisiting her college days as a DJ by busting out the tunes at various events. What got her to start spinning again? "Mickey Boardman asked me to DJ his birthday party two years ago and I had so much fun!" said Gubelmann. "I loved it and I wanted to keep doing it." Interior designer, Nate Berkus chimed in adding, "What Marjorie won't say is that now she's hosting the hottest party in Manhattan every three months at the Tribeca Grand and you should see who walks down those stairs into the basement for hours!" Of course, we were dying to know when this goes down, but alas "it's a spontaneous secret" said Gubelmann. The best parties always are. 

Gubelmann's favorite songs to play are anything by Daft Punk and old new wave like New Order mixed in with a little Mary J.Blige and Salt n' Pepa. "Anything you've danced to in your underwear for the last 25 years," joked Gubelmann. Showing Clinique the love were newly appointed Lucky EIC, Eva Chen, Teen Vogue's Amy Astley, W's Stefano Tonchi, Wes Gordon, Ann and Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Lorenzo Martone, Douglas Friedman, Stacy Keibler, Rachel Roy, Petra Nemcova, Katherine McPhee, and Emily VanCamp amongst many others. As the event came to a close, we overheard some party goers were heading to Harlow for Madonna's release of Madonna: The MDNA Tour doc. Oh Madge, still stealing the show after all these years!




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