2011 December 14

Chic Eats with Naeem Khan

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Naeem Khan, Marcia Mishaan Naeem Khan, Marcia Mishaan
Billy Farrell Agency
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(NEW YORK) What does it take to luxuriate in 54 smashing Naeem Khan looks, besides a damn good seat at his twice-yearly shows at Lincoln Center? On Thursday, a ticket to Mt. Sinai's annual Women's Health Luncheon was all. The annual fundraiser, which always boasts its very own fashion show, was especially sceney this year thanks to Khan. "There are a lot of well-heeled women in this room," said Hilary Gumbel, surveying the crowd of both Khan superfans and potential clients. Blair Husain, Tamar Braxton, and Marcia Mishaan were just a few who enjoyed the chicken salad.

Before the fashion show, Khan's table discussed all the necessities: the latest things to see on Broadway, for example. Pamela Fiori, who is deeply missed among the social set, recently enjoyed Other Desert Cities and is looking forward to Once. (Aren't we all?) Ranjana Khan, sporting a chic new almost-bob, is preparing for a holiday trip to Tulum with other members of the fashion cognoscenti. (A certain Linda, for example.) "I'm only packing one cocktail dress," she vowed as, ironically enough, a parade of stunning Naeem Khan examples began to storm the runway. "I love that!" was a common refrain. "And that one!" was another. Sadly, there were no see-now, buy-now capabilities—but this crowd does know how to pre-order.

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