2013 October 23

Central Perks: The Central Park Conservancy Fall Luncheon

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Isaac Mizrahi, Joanna Coles Isaac Mizrahi, Joanna Coles
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(New York) Where were the most beautifully dressed ladies lunching in New York on Monday? The Mandarin Oriental Hotel was home to the Central Park Conservancy's annual fall luncheon hosted by the Board of Directors of the Women's Committee. The Central Park love fest brought out Gillian Miniter, Karen LeFrak (the perfect person to sit next to at a lunch in your Daily's opinion!), Fe Fendi, Muffy Miller, Deborah Roberts, Jenny Paulson, Elyse Newhouse, Ashley Baker, Fiona Rudin, Paige Hardy, Suzie Aijala, Sharon Jacob, and president of the women's committee, Anne S. Harrison.

Former Project Runway All Star co-stars (and buddies) Joanna Coles and Isaac Mizrahi sat down for a Q&A session where the Cosmo editor grilled him on life as the quintessential New Yorker. He loves it so much he hates to leave it. "People say come to France or come to Morroco! I like those places, but after the fifth day I want to kill myself," he explained. The designer also waxed poetic about the days gone by in the city. "It never slept," he recalls about the big apple. "In the old days everyone was wide awake. There were many more weirdos and stuff going on that there isn't now. Now it's a theme park." But he still loves his city and opened up about marrying longtime boyfriend, Beau Arnold. "You think, 'what's going to be better?' Then it's just this magical thing! I was so not that person," said Mizrahi. "I come from a generation of gay people who didn't expect to get married so we created all these excuses of why it was a terrifying idea to begin with." What made him finally hit City Hall? "We did it to please Rachel Maddow," he quipped. The event raised over $165,000 for the park. Now that's a lot of green! 



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