2010 April 2

California Dreaming

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Cynthia Rowley Cynthia Rowley
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(NEW YORK) Barneys Co-Op was swimming with Cynthia Rowley’s friends last night as supporters gathered to toast the launch of her collaboration with Roxy. The beachy soirée fell fittingly on a balmy evening in New York, and guests quickly dropped the stresses of the day, happily sifting through the sports and swimwear. Surfers and non-surfers alike including Katie Lee, Gillian Zinser and Jarah Mariano soaked in the ultra-relaxed vibe, sipping on Corona and lime.

“I wanted the collection to be pieces that you could wear in the city,” explained Rowley. “I had this image in my mind where a girl gets on the subway, comes to her stop and suddenly you realize that she’s on her way to Long Beach.” The designer continued, "Then she gets out and her boyfriend is there waiting with her surfboard. She starts peeling off her pieces until she’s in her wetsuit and then she paddles off.”

Rowley and ingenious surfboard designer Thomas Meyerhoffer reunited and made plans to get out on the waves together soon. Meyerhoffer designed the specialized, technical surfboards displayed in the windows. “It’s a future board,” he noted. “It’s all about future surfboarding.” Itching to get back to Montauk to try out her new board, Rowley confessed that the next sport she would like to take on is snowboarding. “I wakeboard, which makes me really want to get out on the slopes. But, then I’ve never really tried because I only have so much time on the mountain, and I don’t want to spend it on my ass. No thanks!”

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