2012 February 17

Best For (The) Last

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Lindsey Wixson Lindsey Wixson
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(NEW YORK) NYFW fixtures certainly know how to rally. Exhibit A: The Last magazine's (in)famous dance party at Acme on Wednesday. The downstairs rager was prefaced by a dinner feast upstairs of the buzzy resto's Danish fare. Jars of piquant duck confit came out to play, and as a testament to how legit this farm-to-table operation is, the menu has an entire section called "Soil," dedicated to delectably prepped tubers. Sunchokes and beets, oh my! Does it get much better than that? Yes, indeed, considering the Kanon Vodka concoctions were spiked with all sorts of glorious ingredients that put the pomtinis, spiffed-up screwdriver iterations, and humdrum vodka sodas of Fashion Week shindigs past to shame. Celery juice and ginger extracts in our drinks? Don't mind if we do!  

The roster of guests spanned the gamut of those reeling from the runway, whether backstage (oh hey, Philip Lim, Richard Chai, Prabal Gurung, Eddie Borgo, Johan Lindeberg!) or on the runway (cue Liya Kebede, Lindsay Wixson, et al). The bash also brought out the likes of Jared Leto, Brad Goreski, Alexandra Richards, Pat McGrath, and Hannah Bronfman. "I'm drinking a beer. It's Miller High Life," explained Gurung of his low key sip of choice, hence the lack of concern about a rough morning afterwards. "I don't really get hungover; I tend to not drink so much that I do, I guess." Words of wisdom.

As the clock struck midnight, some had to turn in, albeit with good reason. “I’m going home now, because I have to take my daughter to school in the morning,” explained Lindeberg. “I usually make oatmeal for my daughter, Blue.” Lindeberg was lured out to catch up with his old pals and fellow Swedes. "There’s a lot of talent in Stockholm, and we are a small country, a very international one at that, which is why a lot of my people end up in New York!" Lindeberg said. To discuss? "We talk about the Swedish Archipelago a lot. Tonight we also talked about creativity.” Deep dinner conversation indeed!

As promised on the invite, this wasn't a fete for the faint of rhythm or the pained of heels: there was actually dancing at this party, per usual, starting a  brief half hour or so after opening time. For those in need of a sit-down and/or a means of documenting the rollicking good times (beyond chasing Billy F.'s boys for a shot or two), a photobooth was thankfully tucked into one corner. Scads of party people, including plenty of designers on hand, from Gurung to Timo Weiland, patiently waited on line to ham it up for six goofy shots, donning superchic Prism shades designed by Anna Laub (the Daily's new Obsession. Literally.) for a hot second. The specs, in matte metal and artful tortoiseshell versions, were on loan for hitting up the booth, alas, save for the din guests who'd scooped up a pair earlier. Envy-inducing...

Though the party was initially, or technically, confined to the downstairs spread, soon enough there were clusters of revelers winding up and down the stairs, including an "emergency exit" route, where your Daily overhead a gem or two. "Get down there and dance! Now!" one girl shouted to a pal at the top of the stairwell. "My friend is the DJ!" And dance they did. 

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