2011 January 21

A Moment With...Greta Gerwig

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Greta Gerwig Greta Gerwig
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Chic caught up with Greta Gerwig, the comedic starlet of No Strings Attached, at the film's screening last night presented by the Cinema Society with DKNY Jeans, DeLeón Tequila and amNewYork. On the agenda: N'SYNC, boys, and online dating. The usual red carpet gab.

Your new movie is called No Strings Attached. Coincidentally, N'SYNC had an album with the same title. Can you name one song from the album?
"I Want It That Way?"

That's Backstreet Boys. Where's the best place to meet a man?
Jail would be the worst. Hmm…the ballet. Oh, no. He’d probably be gay then.

Worst date ever?
I did go on a date with someone I thought was gay and it turns out he wasn’t.

Why did you think he was gay?
He was a musical theater person. I thought for sure he was gay and we were just going to hang out. Then I realized at the very end of the night and was like, “Oh no! This is a date. No. Oh. Oh.” I sent out all kinds of signals. That was awkward.

Would you ever try online dating?
Yes. Some of my friends have tried it, and my brother met his wife that way.

Which website would you choose?
I wouldn’t do eHarmony, because they don’t let gay people on it. I don’t know…is Craigslist a dating website?

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