2010 March 1

A Love Song for Bobby!

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Roberto Cavalli and Courtney Love Roberto Cavalli and Courtney Love
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(MILAN) "Has Cavalli quit smoking?" asked one incredulous editor last night at the nightclub next to the Cavalli Cafe. Nope--although he has replaced his ubiquitous cigar with a slight cigarillo. The tip glows blue when the fashion giant inhales. It was that kind of dinner party last night, and admit it---would it really feel right to bid au revoir to Milan Fashion Week with any other designer?

Naturally, there was a DJ, a large display of Cavalli Vodka, a well-appointed smoking lounge, a tres open bar, and plenty of flattering lighting. Guests were invited to sit at long tables stocked with rose-emblazoned plates, silver, multicolored glasses, and of course, plenty of wine. Rosso or blanco?

Marta Marzotto (mere of Matteo, to all you Valentino and Vionnet savants) waltzed by in a muumuu, but for the most part, skin-baring Cavalli frocks were de riguer. Animalier print was reserved for the young ladies closest to the designer; it also made appearances in custom chair fabrics and cushions. A table of Italians was stunned when a woman looking suspiciously like Courtney Love sat down as the first colorful course--a cheese souffle--was served. Turns out it actually was Love, who regaled her dining companions with stories that were spoken too softly to overhear. (Or maybe the music was loud?). Lindsay Lohan was just few feet away to contribute to the shock factor.

Then there was the second course -a large vat helping of cheesy risotto and too tempting not to indulge before the main event--a chþoice between "carne e pesce." Except for one Vanity Fair editor who shall remain nameless, the American eds (Hope Greenberg, Mimi Lombardo, Taylor Tomasi, Julia Kalachnikoff, etc.) all went for the branzino. New obsession: the table's trophy male, Bloomberg's Paris-based writer Andrew Roberts.

Today, the fashionettes in question depart Milan for a few blessed days of alone-in-Paris time before the shows kick into gear. But can't Roberto come with? And while you're at it, love, bring a bunch of those fabulous backless gowns---in animalier, if you don't mind too terribly.

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