2009 June 30

Invitation Required

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Maggie Kim, Jodi Della Femina, Maggie Kim and Charlie Kim Maggie Kim, Jodi Della Femina, Maggie Kim and Charlie Kim
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(NEW YORK) Even the most intellectual chicsters (attention, Cathy) require a break from all that Heidegger and Kant--n'est pas? Jodi Della Femina is offering an antidote to lugubrious fare with her addictive new read By Invitation Only, which follows an East Hampton (via Manhattan) bride-to-be's struggle to find the right groom. Last night, Vera Wang offered up her Madison Avenue Bridal House for the kick-off cocktail, which was sponsored by Martha Stewart Weddings.

"If I had written it myself, it probably would've taken a decade!" Della Femina laughed as her children indulged in jelly-filled chocolates. "Luckily, I had a writing partner." As for the most difficult part of the process? Filing the copy. "I wrote my outline and first chapter on my Blackberry," she confessed. "It's a good thing that I never lost it. When I sent it in to the publisher, I didn't realize that at the very bottom was a line that read, "Sent from my Blackberry.'" Talk about multitasking!

Rachel Roy, David Patrick Columbia, Hamish BowlesBettina Zilkha, Betsey Johnson, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Alexandra Kotur, and Jamee and Peter Gregory all stopped in to admire the gowns. "Don't bring your girlfriend here unless you're really ready to get married," Billy Farrell joked a group of bachelors, who appeared just a tad nervous around all the frippery.

Robert Burke is merely days away from his trip to Paris couture. Will he still hit up his signature spot, the Ritz's Hemingway Bar? "See you there," he winked. Daniel Benedict and Andrew Saffir, meanwhile, will spend the weekend at their home in East Hampton. "OK, OK--I got a little too tan on Saturday," a nearly-crispy Benedict confessed. But when it comes to summering, he's literally written the book--along with longtime friend Femina, the duo co-authored Jodi's Shortcuts 2009: The Hamptons. Is the social set's summer reading agenda now entirely accounted for?

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