2009 June 25

Shady Ladies

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Jennifer Creel Jennifer Creel
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(NEW YORK) "She's got an entire counter!" said Linda Fargo last night, pointing to Jennifer Creel's new eyewear collection for Modo that debuts exclusively at the Fifth Avenue mecca. Creel perched behind the display, trying on the faintly retro styles (with modern materials, wood compris) with a group of fans and friends. "I've been working on them for about 11 months," Creel explained, picking out a style for Sommers Farkas.

Bill Cunningham made a cameo, camera in tow (as always) while the ladies like Lisa Anastos, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Jill Fairchild and Lady Liliana Cavendish resisted the urge to overindulge on champagne and gougeres and instead. "Lanvin is already 60 percent off?" wondered Lydia Fenet, marvelling at BG's excellent stock of sale merch. Sadly, there was little tempting Andrew Saffir and Christian Leone to invoke the Amex. "I don't think Jennifer is doing mens," said Leone. "Well, not yet!"

Meanwhile, a retail venture of an entirely different sort was underway just a few blocks uptown, as New York City's (and we quote) "Opera Divas" hosted a Shop for Opera event at a recently-vacated storefront on Madison. Roberta Freyman, Fern MallisGillian Miniter, Amy Fine Collins, and yes, Peter Davis, Alex and Simon showed up to peruse the racks of gently-used designer merchandise, which was sold to benefit the Opera.

As the evening wore on, Creel and Co. headed to Monkey Bar for a BG recap session, while Kate Schelter headed back downtown for an even more intimate affair. "Even though it's supposed to rain, we're going to break out the grill," she said. "It's time to rebel!"

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