2009 June 18

Party for Art's Sake

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Camilla Belle and Max Azria Camilla Belle and Max Azria
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(NEW YORK) "A lot has changed since I started BCBG 20 years ago," said Max Azria--in French--at last night's Whitney Art Party, which he has hosted for the past three years. "But looking at all these beautiful girls in these dresses tonight, I think that every moment has been beautiful." The designer, perched on a banquette, took in the scene at Skylight Studios last night as a neon sign illuminated "ART," then "PARTY"--as if anyone could forget.

The many revelers (circa 1,200 in all) were a mixed bunch--starlets like co-host Camilla Belle, Melissa George, Gretchen Mol, Ali Larter, Alexis BledelAmber Tamblyn and Lindsay Price vacillated between champagne and 10 Cane Rum, while designers marvelled at a week dominated by the parties, the parties! "It hasn't been that bad," said Jason Wu diplomatically as the hoi polloi marveled at the presence of that Presidential createur. "I used last night to recover from the CFDAs."

Brian Reyes has his own escape plan in store. "We're going to the ranch in Montana for the 4th of July," he revealed. "Expect lots of horses and barbeques. And we're taking a side trip in our friends' RV!" Ruffian's Claude Morais was enchanted by the flood of bright, asymetrical dresses. "I feel like it's 1984!" he exclaimed ecstatically. "I am definitely wearing the right color tonight," said Lake Bell in a bright red frock, admiring the neons that flitted about.

"This is our first time at the Whitney party, so I brought out my party shoes," explained Brian Wolk of his black-and-white spectators. "I'm wearing heels for the first time in months!" said Anne Slowey, who is only recently sans leg brace. "Well, OK--the second time. I wore some to the CFDAs."

"I'm a little embarrased, because I just got way too close to Bradley Cooper," said Lydia Fenet, who was just as awestruck as everyone else by the divine Hangover star who's been making the party rounds this week. By 11 p.m., the revellery was just starting, as a new crop of guests like Malcolm Carfrae, Roopal Patel, Gilles Mendel, Lisa Cant, Selita EbanksLela Rose, Brooklyn Decker, Allison AstonHilary Rhoda, Esteban Cortazar, Amanda Ross and Lonneke Engel entered the teeming studio to earn an airkiss from Lubov. "Have you ever seen so much BCBG in one room?" a certain Max mused. "Even I haven't!"

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