2009 June 15

Your Summer Plans, Revealed...

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Oscar Blandi Oscar Blandi
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(NEW YORK) Is it strictly nous, or is this Monday rougher than most? Let's mentally return to vacances with tales of ete from Oscar Blandi and Reem Acra.

So Oscar...
Vacation destination? I’m heading back home to Italy. I can never stay away for too long.
Weekend routine? I go my lake house where I can relax away from the city.
Ideal travel companions? My brother (stylist Luca Blandi) and my best friend. They keep me entertained and make any travel time feel shorter.
Pennysaving technique? I will still take my regular time off to get away from all the negativity that’s going around at this time.
What you’re buying? Things for my newly renovated apartment in New York.
And what you’re not: Shopping for clothes or anything else but items for the home.
Bare necessities? With summer time, everyone is out and about at the beach so I always keep my Pronto Dry Shampoo with me.
Guilty pleasure? Chocolate ice cream.
Summer uniform? Havaianas flip-flops, jeans and T-shirt.
Style essentials? A simple white shirt is easy, especially when I get a tan.
Seasonal eats? Healthy, light foods like fruit and fish
Swimsuit prep plan? A morning run around the river, and generally any outdoor activities like soccer.

OK, Reem..
Vacation destination? Beirut and Los Angeles.
Weekend plan? Brunch plans with friends, ballroom dancing lessons, and some relaxing (and long overdue!) spa treatments.
What you're buying? Shoes--it’s a must for me.  Can’t help myself.
And what you're not: Too many of one thing.  I’m trying to edit to have the best of what I really like.
Bare necessities? A hairstylist that comes to my place and a mani/pedi.
Summer uniform? Capri leggings and flats.
Seasonal eats? Watermelon.
Summer icon? Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.
Swimsuit prep plan? Lots of exercise...and a Hollywood Tan.

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