2009 June 11

Works for Us!

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Woody Allen and Larry David Woody Allen and Larry David
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(NEW YORK) “This is not the feel-good movie of the year,” says Larry David (as Boris Yellnikoff) in the opening monologue of Woody Allen’s latest, Whatever Works. (Yes, he’s speaking directly to the audience à la Ferris Bueller, and yes, ca marche.) But while the film is certainly not your average rom-com, guests at Wednesday night’s Cinema Society and The New Yorker-hosted screening like Stanley Tucci, Gerard Butler, Brooke Shields, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Lake Bell, Julianna Margulies, Patrick Demarchelier and Gilles Bensimon (who arrived ensemble), and Lindsay Price were definitely feeling good.

“It still hasn’t even hit me that I did it!” said Evan Rachel Wood, who plays the wife of David’s Yellnikoff. “Being the female lead in a Woody Allen movie, you have big shoes to fill.” It’s true that Allen, the quintessential New York filmmaker, has cast quite a host of starlets in the past in his 50-plus works. The Daily had to know: other than Whatever Works, of course, what were Wood’s favorite Woody Allen movies? “I loved Deconstructing Harry, I love Hannah and Her Sisters, and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask,” she said. “Those are all my favorites.”

Whatever Works’ other female star, Patricia Clarkson (glowing in a red satin sheath; “It’s Dolce!” she exclaimed, “It’s the kind of dress where you have to hold your stomach in all night, but it’s worth it!”), had a harder time identifying her favorite. “That’s like picking your favorite child! Or your favorite piece of candy! And I love candy.” When pressed to pick her top three, she spilled. “Hannah and Her Sisters, Annie Hall, and Manhattan. Oh, and Vicky Christina [Barcelona]’s up there too! I’m in it!”

The notoriously press-shy Allen even played along. “If I had to have a favorite Woody Allen movie, I’d probably say either The Purple Rose of Cairo or Match Point,” he deadpanned.

Post screening, the director’s fans trekked across the river via water taxi to Brooklyn (now that’s dedication!) for the afterparty at the River Café, where partygoers drank Moet all night under the Brooklyn Bridge. Now, Mr. David, what was that about not feeling good?

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