2009 June 9

Your Summer Plans, Revealed!

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Alexi Lubomirski Alexi Lubomirski
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(NEW YORK) The Daily wonders, part deux: So what are you doing this summer, Alexi Lubomirski?

Vacation destination? I’m getting married in Poland, and then off to Botswana, to see where I grew up.
Weekend plan? If I get a weekend off, we try and go to new places in the States, like the Grand Canyon, Puerto Rico, Miami and Cape Cod.
What are you buying? Wedding stuff
What aren't you buying? Bachelor stuff.
Bare necessities? My fiancé, a view, and a bottle of chilled Pouilly Fumé
Summer uniform? As little as possible.
Seasonal eats? Avocado, ceviche.
Summer icon? Fashion-wise, the character played by Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Life-wise, anyone who likes to do more than sit on a beach.
Swimsuit prep plan? Eat less, gym more, drink less, sleep more.... none of which have I have ever managed.

OK, Anya Hindmarch...
Vacation destination? I am off to Tangier. Want to take the kids to North Africa. I think it’s important to feed all of our brains with the shapes and smells of this exotic city. We are renting dar Sinclair which was built in the ‘40s and has all sorts of naughty behavior sealed in its walls…
Weekend routine?  We love being home at the weekends. The weeks are mad and travel-heavy, but I try to make home at weekends sacrosanct.
Ideal travel companions? My family and my ‘work family.’ We have a lot of laughs. It is memory-making, however desperate it can be. Sometimes I feel I have a book in me on ‘airports I have known…!’
Pennysaving technique? I am a big believer in holiday. I often have my best ideas on holiday, so they are a good investment for me.
What you're buying? Things that I will love forever. Nothing that is wasteful or overly flashy—although not much has changed in that regard.
What you’re not? I s’pose we all now have a lovely excuse to eat at home more. I gave a dinner recently in our local curry house. Somehow it was more fun.
Bare necessities? Other than the obvious ones, holidays. Vintage clothing. Little bits of art that I find on my travels…things that make me happy. School fees!
Guilty pleasure? A long lunch
Summer uniform? A bunch of old Mexican peasants dresses that I found in a vintage shop in Tokyo. I live in them in the summer.
Style essentials? Comfort. Color. Clothes that make you happy for you.
Seasonal eats? Local fruit. Pink wine. Frittatas with rocket salad. Grilled fish. Prawns with mayonnaise.
Summer icon? Currently, Talitha Getty.
Swimsuit prep plan? Eat a lot, drink a lot, laugh a lot. Life is too short!

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