2009 June 8

Dear Daily!

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Rosario Dawson and Liv Tyler Rosario Dawson and Liv Tyler
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(NEW YORK) Dear Daily,

Sometimes there is no place like home, and on Friday night, Beverly Boulevard replaced the yellow brick road as Stella McCartney clicked her ruby slippers and gathered her equally well-healed eco-chic friends to support and celebrate Home, a film/ non-pofit project by Yann-Arthus Bertrand revealing the major environmental and social challenges facing our planet in the 21st century. Hosts Cameron Diaz, Jessica Capshaw, Rosario Dawson, Emily Deschanel, Daryl Hannah, Anjelica Huston, Charlize Theron and Liv Tyler all arrived promptly at 8 (in Stella McCartney and Lexus Hybrids, of course) to enjoy an evening under the smog (excuse me, stars) catered with vegan picnic foods, Stella Organic wines and exotic VeeV cocktails. It is clear that Stella has honed her skills as a florist with the bouquet of guests she managed to bring to a blossom in the garden behind her West Hollywood boutique--from celebrity hair stylist Andy LeCompte to Rachel Zoe, from Hollywood's biggest producers to Hollywood's greatest seducers. But why was I not surprised? The designer/mother/environmental enthusiast has had plenty of practice. A pioneer in the fashion industry when it comes to environmental causes, Stella McCartney was one of the first designers to declare that great fashion does not require leather or fur. As a lifelong vegetarian, she has focused her efforts outside the bento box and on to the environment.

Clearly, these honest efforts to cultivate and sustain the earth's natural resources have made Glenda the Good Witch proud, because the support of Hollywood's leading ladies and gentleman had me Oz-struck.

As guests milled around the picnic tables and watched the outdoor screening of Home, which releases globally on June 5, World Environment Day, I remembered words once spoken by Karl Templer years ago in the white halls of Calvin Klein. "That better stand for Stellar," he remarked when he gazed at my choice of jeanery. He was right. From making chic jeanery, creating fresh scenery, to embracing the earth's greenery, Stella really does stand for the bigger picture.

Yours truly,

Annelise Peterson

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