2009 June 5

Leaving Las Vegas

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Bradley Cooper and Lake Bell Bradley Cooper and Lake Bell
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(NEW YORK) “How Did I Get Here? And No One Cares!”  is what Bradley Cooper decided to name his non-existent book about his experiences in Las Vegas. The same couldn’t be said about the Details-sponsored Cinema Society screening of the actor’s latest film The Hangover. “This is pretty neat,” Cooper observed, admiring the crowd gathered at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. "I’m a frequent visitor at these events. I even watched Brad Pitt age backwards here with his Benjamin Buttons. Now, it’s cool to be at Cinema Society for something of my own.” Plenty of friends came out to support Cooper & Co.--especially former Alias allies and enemies (Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin). A few supermodels rounded out the lot.

Hana Soukupova has never been to Vegas, while Doutzen Kroes confessed that one day in Sin City was sufficient. “Maybe I’m a quieter type, but I needed to be dragged out pretty quickly from there,” she smiled. “It was too crazy for me. Instead, I’m looking forward to going to Africa pretty soon for my charity.” Hilary Rhoda, referencing a week's worth of home cooked meals during a recent trip home to Maryland, agreed with Kroes' sentiment. “I went to Las Vegas once during a 24-hour Victoria’s Secret trip,” she recalled. "On the plane ride there, we were so jumpy and excited. Sixteen hours later, the ride home was completely different. No one had any energy!” Regardless, it was a hit as Molly Sims, Elise Crombez, Anne V, Alexandra Richards, and Caroline Winberg provided plenty of support for the all-male cast.

The after-party moved a few blocks down to Yard of the Soho Grand Hotel, where Will Arnett caught up Zachary Quinto and Zach Braff, Lake Bell, and Gerard Butler showered Cooper and co-star Justin Bartha with compliments. The most intriguing question posed about The Hangover: What was more difficult, sharing screen time with Mike Tyson or a 300-pound tiger? “The tiger was definitely harder to work with,” declared Cooper. “Tyson was somewhat of a dream.  And that’s saying a lot, considering he was a heavyweight champion of the whole world." Bartha was just elated to be far away from Nevada. “I think Vegas would be the last place I’d go on vacation after my experience,” he announced. "I’d rather just go to Beirut!”

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