2009 June 1

Oscar Dish (And Diss!)

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(NEW YORK) OK, OK---it was a great resort show, and what else is to be expected from one of the world's most legendary designers, Oscar de la Renta? As always, he earns the award for the best-edited assortment of flawless separates, which this season, were punctuated by glorious noir gowns and equally noir cocktail dresses. More on that later--right now, you're focused on the front row.

So who was there? Well, Robbie Myers, sans Joe Zee but avec Anne Slowey and Kate Lanphear. The BG Trifecta (Jim Gold, Linda Fargo and Roopal Patel) scribbled notes furiously while earning the day's Best Dressed awards. And Anna, of course, in suns and a spotted sheath, squired by most of the cast of The September Issue (including Andre, who sported a giant blush-colored alligator coat). Nary a Horyn or JoCo in sight, as several seats were left empty due to those who opted to remain en vacances on this lovely summer Monday morning...

While a few faux front-rowers moved way, way up, Lauren Santo Domingo stayed in third, while Eric Wilson sat reverently in second. But the biggest faux was a pas made by an overly keen (and far too green) reporter who asked the godlike Mr. de la Renta an outrageous question in an attempt to earn critic cred with her let's-leave-it-alone affiliation. The Daily watched the Legend being dealt a low blow.

So, I saw a lot of references to Chanel in this collection, with the tweeds…you know?

LEGEND raises eyebrows, gives gentlemanly equivalent of death stare.

Really? [ominous pause] I think we’ve really mostly used contemporary fabrics and accented the jackets with tweeds. But you chose to only to put focus on Chanel with your question. Trust me, plenty of people use tweed.

Sure, sure, and I realize…It looked very vintage. Forget the name…

CLUELESS sheepishly retreats, shakily carrying notebook. LEGEND turns, clearly searching for publicist rescue and notices DAILY with relief. He gives DAILY a grand and exquisite statement of fashion moment.

We’re going through difficult times but I can’t complain. My business remains relatively strong and I think it could only get better from here. Of course it’s challenging for young designers and people in debt.  But we're not young...and we're not in debt! Let’s put it this way: I love to garden. And then there’s time where you plant and then there’s time when you weed. And that’s a good analogy for our business. There comes a time for strong plants to grow and for some just to be pulled away.



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