2009 May 28

Dear Daily!

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Calista Flockhart Calista Flockhart
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(LOS ANGELES) Dear Daily,

When I received the invitation to the 6th Annual P.S. Arts bag lunch, I knew I was in for a treat. After all, no sack lunch is complete without dessert, and seeing that the Pamela Skaist-Levy had agreed to host the event at her Beverly Hills Estate, I had no doubt that it would be pretty Juicy.

With a few friends in tow, I headed over to Doheny Drive around 12:30 to be greeted by hosts Elizabeth Stewart and George Kotsiopoulos who managed to rake in some of the most beautiful bags in Beverly Hills for a silent auction. There were the usual kisses on the cheeks, but formalities were brief and kept to a minimum as all eyes focused on the fashionable fruits on display. Like all good children, guests skipped the picnic lunch and went straight for dessert.  After all, P.S. Arts is a children's charity, so if there was any time to unleash the child within, carpe diem!

Although many guests learned that high heals are not the best attire when it comes to sprinting for steals on Balenciaga handbags, Kristin Davis, Calista Flockhart, Kerry Washington, Sophia Bush, Jessica Capshaw, Rebecca Gayheart, Joy Bryant, Nicky Hilton, Shiva Rose, and Rachel Zoe got into the shopping spirit, bidding on bags at bargain prices (60% off retail, to be exact). Personally, I had my eyes on the Louis Vuitton, but an anonymous bidder snagged my bag at the "Buy it Now" price.  For charity's sake! I guess patience is not always a virtue--especially when it comes to limited-edition fashion. I did manage to take home a Rock n' Republic--so, if Ms. Anonymous is reading my diary, please be in touch for a trade. After all, isn't that what good school girls do when they prefer someone else's sandwich?

Some ladies who lost out on the bidding war had another solution--retail. "I've got thirty minutes to get that Proenza bag at Barney's, so let's get out of here!" said Nicky Hilton.

Yes, Barack Obama was slated to speak about the economy later that evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, but had the Hilton on hand revealed the true secret to stimulating the economy?  Perhaps charity and retail therapy go hand-in-hand.  When you open up your heart to a good cause, the pocket book follows suite.

P.S. Arts from LA LA Land,
Annelise Peterson


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