2009 May 15

Food for Thought

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Shoshana Gruss and Jenny Galluzzo Shoshana Gruss and Jenny Galluzzo
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(NEW YORK) Yesterday's noontime event at The Rockefeller University was no lunch, or even a luncheon--rather, it was a wholly educational experience for the hundreds of academics (and handful of social types) on-hand for the institution's 12th annual Women & Science lecture series and meal, sponsored by Roger Vivier. "I come to this every year, and I can't help but feel a little bit underinformed!" laughed Shoshanna Gruss immediately following the panel discussion between scientists Cori Bargmann, Leslie Vosshall and Eric Kandel. So what is the future of neuroscience? Why do we smell what we smell? How can we stimulate the brain--literally? Heady stuff for a Thursday afternoon, but a welcome respite for a fashion crowd fatigued from endless in-store cocktails and head-to-head galas.

Alexandra Lebenthal's table fostered a lively recap (of both the aforementioned brain trust and the Real Housewives reunion show) between the crew of Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Gigi Mortimer, Gillian Miniter and Lucy Danziger. Elsewhere around the room, Eliza Reed Bolen, Alexandra Kotur, Samantha Boardman Rosen and Celerie Kemble dined on grilled fish (or chicken) and couscous. "The food is great," said Dr. Susan Krysiewicz of the event, which raised over $1 million for research. "But it's always nice to learn something!"

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