2009 May 8

In Full Bloom

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Adrien Brody in Giorgio Armani and Rachel Weisz in 3.1 Philip Lim Adrien Brody in Giorgio Armani and Rachel Weisz in 3.1 Philip Lim
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(NEW YORK) “You kind of have to look in their eyes for an aura of deception!” joked The Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson about casting multiple leading con men for his latest film. But there was nothing remotely criminal about the actors at the Cinema Society screening of the film Tursday night, sponsored by Thakoon and Nars. In fact, it was more of an intimate family affair as stars Rachel Weisz and Adrien Brody were joined by many of their family, neighbors, and friends at the Tribeca Grand Hotel viewing. The premiere couldn’t have been further away from the movie’s eccentric locales. “I don’t even know how many Eastern European countries we’ve shot in,” said Brody. “But in general when you’re working, you don’t really have any expectations about places like Transylvania as opposed to being a tourist. So when you don’t expect anything, you can actually relax and have fun.” That theory would actually fit the mindset of Thakoon Panichgul’s favorite TV show. “I’m a huge Amazing Race fanatic,” he excitedly shared. “I TiVo it, I watch it religiously, and I kind of have to sit down and plan my own vacation in the near future. I really would love to be on some train track in Africa or South America.”

Guests like Weisz’s husband Darren Aronofsky, Narciso Rodriguez, Zachary Quinto, Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, Dree Hemingway, Olympic fencers Jason Rogers and Tim Morehouse, and Esther Canadas traveled cinematically through Prague and beyond and landed at the Penthouse of the Soho Grand Hotel for a dinner of mini filet mignons, radish salad, and freshly baked brownies. Weisz took time to happily reflect on her character’s impressive portfolio of special talents. “I don’t have too many hidden blessings in real life so I kind of have to fake them all on screen,” she humbly offered. “I had to pretend to know how to play accordion, be a master in ping-pong and rap. Rapping was really hard though, because Adrien is a kid from Queens and I’m a girl from East London. So pretending to have rhythm in front of him was REALLY embarrassing and probably was one of the scariest moments in my life!” Brody could only confirm the fellow Oscar winner’s theory. “She had a reason to be nervous!” he giggled. “Not that I’m a rapper- but I’m still judgmental with my hip-hop!”

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