2009 May 7

Quantum Hostess

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Wendi Murdoch in vintage Prada, Tom Freston, and Kathy Freston in Peter Soronen Wendi Murdoch in vintage Prada, Tom Freston, and Kathy Freston in Peter Soronen
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(NEW YORK) You have to give it to Kathy Freston: she practices, and then she preaches. For the launch of her fourth book, Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-Day Essential Guide to Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit, the author hosted a party at Pure Yoga uptown and showcased her toned body--and a pretty dress--to go along with the work. Her usual fan base (moguls, mostly) seemed  duly impressed with Freston's passionate pursuits. Harvey Weinstein stopped by with wife Georgina Chapman and called Freston a “real star.” Anna Scott and Graydon Carter paid a tributes before dinner, while the likes of Jann Wenner, Yue-Sai Kan and Jared Kushner also made it to the uptown yoga palace. “Kathy really makes you strive to be your better self,” smiled Wendi Murdoch. “I’ve already given up chicken, I’m in the process of abandoning lamb, and ‘no beef’ might in my future. But I want to take time with that, because I might become completely miserable! Luckily, I don’t drink so I don’t have to worry about alcohol.”

Co-host Patrick McMullan and the likes of Cornelia Guest and Alison Brod enjoyed everything from cucumber-based drinks to fresh vegetarian sushi. Murdoch was inspired to discuss her summer plans. “I’m going to California and then to Alaska with our family,” she smiled. “It will be a first time for all of us, so hopefully kids get to hike and experience nature a little bit.” Freston, meanwhile, happily signed books for her friends while sharing her own writing rituals. “I go hiking in the morning or walk in Central Park, mediate for twenty minutes, and then start writing,” she said. “I type for about six hours a day.” As for her own family’s eating regime? “I control the kitchen, so Tom eats vegan when we’re at home,” she laughed. “But when my husband is on his own, he’s probably not a vegetarian!”

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