2009 April 23

Dear Daily!

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Nicky Hilton in DvF Nicky Hilton in DvF
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(LOS ANGELES) Dear Daily,

It looks like everything old is chic again. What goes around comes around? Absolutely--I'm a believer in collecting good karma and great antiques, so it was only natural that I jumped at the chance to head over to Santa Monica for the 14th Annual L.A. Antiques show benefiting P.S. Arts.

I arrived at 7:30 after a day of work to meet up with hosts Maria Bell, Kimberly Brooks, Waldo Fernandez, Patrick Herning, Joe Nye, Julia Sorkin, Elizabeth Stewart along with guests Hillary Swank in Marc Jacobs, Nicky Hilton in DvF, Zach Braff, and Chris Klein to browse the Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport. Instead of airplanes on the runway, there were Audis flanking the entrance of the event, graciously presented by Carolina Herrera.

Like any fashionable party, there were the typical cameramen on hand from, WireImage and the like, but perhaps the best shots of the evening were taken by Patron, who served up their first non-alcoholic variety of amusement. A Pop-up photo booth replaced shot glasses as guests dashed at the chance to get in front of the camera and snap the shot back with the press of a button. 100% Proof?  Absolutely! I walked home with three photos; evidence that I was going to get behind the wheel under the influence of a fabulous art-inspired evening in Los Angeles. Don't worry. A New York transplant thinks ahead. After all, April 22nd was earth day! I carpooled.

Sending great karma from California, and remember, recycle! It pays off in the long run!

Sincerely yours,
Annelise Peterson

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