2009 April 23

Compulsively Watchable

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Michael Phelps and Michelle Trachtenberg Michael Phelps and Michelle Trachtenberg
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(NEW YORK) Tourbillion aficionados can attest to the sexiness of wristwear, but last night at the recently-opened Omega store on Fifth Avenue, a new variety of wristcandy was unveiled in the form of Michael Phelps, a spokesperson for the brand who gamely posed with fans while hosting an opening celebration for the 5th Avenue Flagship. Those clamoring for a glimpse of that legendary wingspan were dissapointed to see the Olympic legend all covered up in wool.

"Who makes this suit? Don't know," Phelps laughted when asked. "I don't really consider myself a fashion person, but I do like these watches." An Omega and a Speedo? Fine by us. "It's been a whirlwind," he said, pausing briefly when Michelle Tractenberg entered the store wearing a lavender frock that matched her eyeshadow. "I have another competition in two weeks, so tomorrow I take the train back to Baltimore and it's back in the pool." Surely Omega does something in waterproof?

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