2009 April 9

Bijou Bijou

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Erin Fetherston and Hedi Ferjani Erin Fetherston and Hedi Ferjani
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(NEW YORK) Tana Chung may have launched her jewelry line at the King of Greene Street boutique in SoHo Wednesday night, but she was no doubt the queen of the fête. Along with co-hosts Annie Churchill, Erin Fetherston, and Susan Shin, the jewelry designer modeled her wares and introduced friends and fash-insiders to her jewelry line. While snacking on sushi, cheese truffles, and mini-fruit tarts (courtesy of former Merkato 55 chef Philip Guardione), partygoers fell in love with the delicate, handcrafted baubles.

“I was so excited to pick something, out because I really love Tana’s jewelry,” said Fetherston of her on-loan earrings. “I think it goes very well with my clothes. She does these earrings from mother of pearl that she makes into flower petals, and it’s kind of a blend of something ethereal and light, fantasy, and that’s kind of my style.” Though busy canoodling with Hedi Ferjani and chatting with guests like Miguelina Gambaccini, Fetherston did stop to ponder: with such similar aesthetics, could a collaboration be in the future? “It may be too soon to say!” she said. “I just had the pleasure of meeting Tana really recently, and I really like her. But who knows?”

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