2009 April 8

Solving the Miller Mysteries

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(NEW YORK) During a Cinema Society screening of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema last night, Sienna Miller took a five-minute time out in the lobby. “No matter how many times I do it, I find it almost impossible to watch myself on screen with a straight face!” she admitted. Being in the audience of her own film might have been the hard part. Dressing up was for the part was far easier. “I don’t have a stylist, so it’s usually a last minute frantic rush for me to get ready,” the Brit assured. “But it takes me about five minutes to dress, and I just kind of sat around for an hour in front of the mirror while trying on lipsticks. I went with the red which is new for me and put tissues in my shoes because they are too big. But it’s all part of the chic panic.”


But most of the other guests at Links of London & Grey Goose sponsored event were glued to the screen to witness a complex, Pittsburg based 80’s love triangle. “I’ve always had this project on the back of my mind ever since I read the book in 1995,” said the director Rawson Marshall Thurber. “And I couldn’t really explore complex love relationships during the filming of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story!” Some familiar faces who came out the film included Anna Wintour, Zoe Kravitz, Olivia Thirlby, Sally Singer, Gilles Bensimon, Sante D’Orazio, and Nicole Trunfio.  But star’s Peter Sarsgaard’s young daughter Ramona certainly was not in the house.  “In my family, it’s not up to me to decide when our young girl sees all the grown-up movies,” he smiled while refereeing to his bi-sexual gangster character. “But I would love to relax and finally shoot something kid-friendly next like the C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy. Some one call me about that one!”


The after-party took guests to the Cooper Square Hotel where Emma Roberts, Rachel Zoe, Rachel Roy, Megan and Todd DiCiurcio, and Stefano Tonchi enjoyed dinner of spiced mac and cheese, marinated shrimp, and grilled chicken. Sarsgaard and wife Maggie Gyllenhaal were making weekend plans, while Gilles Mendel and Justin Guinta came together to survey the atmosphere. “We have a very active collaboration!” explained Mendel. Miller, now relaxed and content talked about moving to New York in the fall for her stint on Broadway in After Miss Julie. “Honestly, this movie was one of my last chances to pretend to be coming of age,” she laughed. “And now you’ll see me grown up and everywhere in Theatre district.”


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