2009 March 31

All About Lim

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(NEW YORK) There aren’t very many times in life when it’s OK to proclaim "It’s all about me!"--but Phillip Lim came across one such occasion Monday night. The subject of the latest incarnation of Me Magazine, Lim celebrated the #16 issue with his closest friends, plenty of champagne, and a few clairvoyants (more on this later!) at B. East.

“It’s a magazine about me!” Lim laughed. Literally, the designer graces the cover, and the inside is full of Q&As with his friends and colleagues. “They talk about you for a bit, and then themselves…so literally, it’s about me, little sub-sections of me,” he said. “My mentor Howard Socol is in here, Joe Zee’s in here, Amanda Brooks is in here, my business partner [Wen Zhou]’s in here, my best friend from 15 years old is in here--my dog’s in here!” Other contributors include Keegan Singh, Anh Duong, Odile Gilbert and Lim’s good friend Richard Chai--who got quite the shout-out on Lim’s “Me” night. Lim sported a spangled jacket from Chai’s newly launched menswear line. “Isn’t it cool?” he gushed. Chai, for one, was honored. “That’s friendship, I guess!” he said.

Though clearly the cocktails and the company were enough to keep partygoers entertained, Lim had quite the surprise in store for the night. “I wanted the night to be interactive,” he explained, referring to the palm reader, tarot card reader, and astrologist who had set up camp around the room and were revealing the future of party guests. Lim himself hadn’t yet had his fortune told, and was unsure about how much he trusted the mystic festivities. “I’m torn, because I try to go into it thinking it’s just fun, but then they say things and you think, ‘Huh? Is that real, is that not real?’” he laughed. "Things stick in your head, and then later you’ll come across something and think, ‘Oh my god--that’s what she said!’ It’s really strange.” Palm reader or no, judging by the likes of the Lim supporters, it’s safe to say his future is looking very bright indeed.

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