2009 March 31

Scot Parade!

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Sir Sean Connery and Lady Connery Sir Sean Connery and Lady Connery
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(NEW YORK) “Models: please stay away from the bar and focus on getting dressed!” stylists instructed the participating celebs backstage at the last night’s seventh annual Dressed to Kilt event and fashion show. But the fine-aged liquor was all part of the fun at the Scottish affair at M2 lounge--and so were Sir Sean and Lady Connery, who hosted the evening. “I think we’ve got the best possible seats in the house!” exclaimed the Oscar-winning actor as hundreds of eager digital cameras were pointed at his direction.

Right before the show, a diverse assembly of models that included Ed Westwick, George Wayne, Andie MacDowell and her daughters, New York City Ballet dancer Tom Gold, and Yankee Bernie Williams, put on the designer garb from likes of Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons, and Tommy Hilfiger and did their best to make the rowdy crowd proud. “I’m a veteran of this event after doing this about three or four times,” noted Marcus Schenkenberg. “But I’ve learned that they drink a lot of whiskey, they like to hang loose under their kilts...and they're a lot of fun!”

Mike Myers opened the show to a thunderous ovation after being pursued for years by the organizers, but it was the GEICO caveman who inspired the excited double takes from the crowd. “This isn't first time wearing a skirt for me,” he smiled while staying completely in character throughout the event. “But there's no denying that I'm in touch with my masculinity so I’m not worried about what people think.” And neither did New York Jet Damien Woody, who like Lawrence Tynes of the Giants put on a costume and sashayed down the runway. “I think a lot of people got a kick out me wearing a kilt,” he said with a grin. “But I just had to put my heart out there and do my thing.”

And after enjoying generous portions of Shepherd’s pie, judges including chair Susan Shin and The Daily's publisher Louis A. Sarmiento gave generous ratings to the models. “Being with Scots is all about good company,” said Kellie Pickler. “But this is my first time on the runway, so I was just hoping not to knock out the front row. I think they survived!”

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