2009 March 25

Rockers and High Rollers

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(NEW YORK) "Well, the corset's La Perla--the rest is Zac Posen," confessed Genevieve Jones last night at the La Perla Black Label boutique on West 14th Street, where she unveiled her spring jewelry wares on a backdrop of diaphanous lingerie and the like. Such accoutrements go together swell--after all, for a certain set, they constitute the bare essentials. Naturally, the Amex-endowed were pleased to find all the requisite goods in a single place. Granted, some Skyy infusions helped to coax the plastic from their Chanel-made safehouses. (The 25% discount on La Perla wares was equally tempting.) As for what Posen, Elise Øverland, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld walked away with? The Daily will kiss, but we won't tell.

Moving on--across town to the East Village Cinemas, in fact, where Theodora Richards joined pal Jamie Burke and fellow rocker types to take in Raw Power Redux, a documentary depicting a photo shoot in which Iggy Pop dons leather pants and noir lipstick while photographer Mick Rock convinces him to shake, gyrate, and otherwise preen. "It's only 17 minutes long," joked Richards of the film, "So I think we can handle it." The most welcome cameo appearance came courtesy of Lou Reed. "I know you want to get to the afterparty, but there is another film showing after this one," he pleaded. While Victoria Bartlett ended the night with an respectable dinner avec hubby at vegan haunt the Angelika Kitchen, the bulk of revellers promptly filed off to Bowery Electric, where the festivities continued until...entirely too late for a Tuesday night.

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