2009 March 17

Burberry Gossip

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(NEW YORK) “First thing that I do in New York is run straight to the Apple store!” laughed guest of honor Christopher Bailey at Barneys last night. “Run” was a key word, because the celebrated Burberry Creative Director arrived to Gotham for only four hours before catching a plane back to London. But the main characters at the cocktail to celebrate the arrival of Burberry Prorsum Spring menswear collection in Barneys were all a bit busy last night. Host Ed Westwick was shooting scenes for Gossip Girl few blocks away for most of the day and had to pop into the event in between kissing scenes with Leighton Meester. “I watched a bit a show back home,” said Bailey. “And Ed is really a nice guy and impressive actor, even if he’s a bit naughty as Chuck.”


Guests like Mary Kate Olsen, Leigh Lezark, Max Minghella, Zanna Roberts, Polly Delevinge, Ingrid Sischy and Sandy Brant, Claire Bernard and Dani Stahl all came by to greet Bailey and listen to DJ Nate Lowman’s musical masterminds. “My necklace sounds like a flock of reindeers!”  pointed out Stahl as she jiggled her Burberry accessory to music. Bailey, meanwhile happily discussed gardening one the inspirations for his spring line.  “I have a house in Yorkshire where I garden,” the Brit said with a smile. “I'm going there in few weekends and I honesty love soil and digging. I love gardening when it involves expansion of energy.”


Jamie Burke meanwhile discussed his own agricultural potential. “I used to live on a farm when I was a little kid, so I grew things here and there,” said the musician who’s heading to South by Southwest with his new band this week. “But Chris is really one of the essential  English designers but we Brits don't all know each other. So I came by to finally meet him.” Simon Doonan, meanwhile professed his love for Bailey, not for the old lands nostalgia. “I left England so long ago so I don't fetishize my homeland as much,” he said. Though Chris has done it brilliantly of course. But I've been on this side of the pond for forty years!”

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