2009 March 13

Looking Better Than Ever...

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Milla Jovovich with Antoine Arnault Milla Jovovich with Antoine Arnault
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(PARIS) "Joie de vivre, joie de fashion, joie de mode!" said Marc Jacobs backstage at Louis Vuitton after presenting his Fall 2009 collection for the house, which was shown right on time in a transparent tent in the courtyard of the Louvre. "He's always on time now, to everything," Lorenzo Martone laughed as he waited for Jacobs to finish interviews. "If we invite you to tea at 5:00 p.m., you'd better not come at 5:01 p.m."

The designer's hit parade earned plenty of accolades, as everyone from Carla Sozzani to Grace Coddington stopped for a double kiss and an honest embrace. "It was extremely beautiful--very surprising, all these asymmetric shapes," said Antoine Arnault, flanked by sister Delphine Arnault-Gancia and father Bernard Arnault. "When I see a show, I have a tendency--probably a bad tendency--to look at the bags. I can't look at everything so I focus on them and they were absolutely amazing. We're off to a very good start of the season."

"Congratulations," Patrick Demarchlier told Katie Grand, who styled the defile, as she waited for the press to disperse and the festivities to begin. "What a show!" At last, Jacobs found Martone. "Where have you been," the designer asked his very significant other, who was diplomatically clad in both Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. "I've been looking all over for you," Jacobs said. "I'm afraid when I don't see you!"

At last, the dressers returned the 62 looks to their plastic garment bags, and the champagne bottles were popped with gusto. Esteban Cortezar took it all in. "Marc invited me," said the Ungaro designer. "He's been an amazing friend since I arrived in Paris, so I'm really honored to be here. We have dinner at his house, or just hang out whenever we get a chance to see each other, which is not so often."

Jacobs and Martone plan to relax after fashion season by taking a well-deserved vacation in Brazil, with stops in Martone's hometown of São Paulo as well as Rio de Janeiro. Of course, the resort season is just around the corner, and Jacobs' LVMH partners are eagerly anticipating his next effort. "The more people can see it, the happier I am," said Yves Carcelle. "It's like working with Picasso," said Antoine. "It's just a pleasure."

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