2009 March 12

One Night in Fendi

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Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld and Beth Ditto Kate Moss, Karl Lagerfeld and Beth Ditto
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(PARIS) When's the last time you’ve seen Suzy Menkes dance like a graduate of the club kid academy? In fact, everyone was on their feet at Fendi O', the ephemeral one-night-only club resurrected in the Vip Room Theatre on the Rue de Rivoli. The anticipated performers for the evening were The Gossip, led by scene-stealing lead vocalist Beth Ditto who went on at 12:21 a.m. and inspired guests like Antoine Arnault, Anne Slowey, Angela Lindvall, Joe Zee, Sidney Toledano, Anja Rubik, Toni Garnn, and Giambattista Valli to dance for 45 minutes straight. “I could hear everything, but I couldn’t see anything,” quipped the still elated Coco Rocha from the VIP room upstairs lit in signature Fendi black and gold.

“I don’t think I have a voice anymore because I’ve been dancing so hard,” laughed Silvia Venturini Fendi in the middle of the set. “This is a perfect way to end all of the stress of Fashion Week. This has become our expected appointment! A much need injection of optimism and pure fun.” As soon as she said that, Kate Moss took Fendi’s younger daughter Lionetta downstairs and on stage for an impromptu tango with Ditto. “My daughter came here because she loves fashion,” explained Fendi. “And she got a university crash course from Kate Moss on how everything works around here!”

One guest of honor, Karl Lagerfeld, definitely knew how everything around the club operated. “You need to have a lot of energy and talent to sing and put yourself out there like that,” he smiled. “I enjoyed Gossip’s little set tremendously. So much fun!” He even purchased a distinct outfit for the occasion. “I had to buy something special for this,” he noted. “So, I went to Margiela and got myself this suit. Hopefully, it fits the atmosphere.” As soon as Ditto and The Gossip finished their set, Moss was there to greet them off-stage--except the lead singer disappeared into a sweaty ocean of fans. “Oh God, where did she go,” asked Moss. “This girl is like an illusionist!”

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