2009 March 9

French Kisses

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Patrick Demarchelier with Franca Sozzani Patrick Demarchelier with Franca Sozzani
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(PARIS) “I wanted this to be a celebration that many people were invited to,” explained Alber Elbaz after his uplifting Lanvin show. “It wasn’t just about the top editors we recognize, but their assistants, and assistants's assistants, and then their interns. You never know who’ll they all become one day! It was also our reward and a thank-you to you all for being a part of our success.” And no matter what row any particular guests occupied, the view and the positive response seemed unanimous. Elbaz offered not only drinks for toasts and chocolate dipped cherries before the show, but also an architectural sight to remember, complete with a grand dual hall with a velvet curtain and a rose petal'd mannequin walkway.

“He’s modern! He’s joyous! He’s fantastic!” raved Patrick Demarchelier, while a few seats down Bianca and Jade Jagger had a memorable family night out. “I came to Paris to see Jade’s collection. We rarely get to go to shows together and we're both in Lanvin,” explained Bianca. “I’ve been doing a lot of work in Brazil in rainforests trying to call attention that we’re not just having a financial crisis but a climate one too. Otherwise, there will be no future for our children and our grandchildren.” Jade kept things on the lighter side, limiting her topics to clothes and Paris. “I really love to go to shows, but I don’t get too caught up in it,” she offered. “I get inspired by seeing all of this too, because I do want to see my own collection packaged and in its full glory one day as well.”

Oscar nominated Kristin Scott Thomas might have been one of the front row's most famous guests, but she was the most humble one as well. She came in a demure blue trench coat and afterwards waited in line to greet her designer friend, virtually escaping the French photo attack squad. “I feel like I’m definitely more French after Il y a longtemps que je t'aime,” she said. “But that still doesn’t mean I know anything about fashion. I’m certainly more of a casual observer.” Elbaz himself had no shortage of expressive brilliance. "A lot of designers are being divided into pessimists and optimists," he delightfully said. “We are trying to be realists. This is what life is all about!"

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