2009 March 6

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Yves Carcelle, Virginie Mouzat and Franci Esménard Yves Carcelle, Virginie Mouzat and Franci Esménard
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(PARIS) Front-row fixture Virginie Mouzat is revered for her columns as fashion director for Le Figaro, but last night, the crème de la crème de la mode celebrated her extracurricular work as a fiction writer. Mouzat's first novel Une Femme Sans Qualités was recently released in France--so what better venue for a book party than the Louis Vuitton boutique in the heart of Saint Germain during Paris Fashion Week?
Mouzat did her best to sign copies for a steady stream of well-wishers like Yves Carcelle, Nathalie Rykiel and Hervé van der Straeten, but Jean-Jacques Picart coaxed her out from behind a desk into the boutique's bustling interior, where guests nibbled on macaroons and chocolate confections while sipping wine ("blanc ou rouge?"). Bruno Frisoni discussed his upcoming presentation on Wednesday, while Peter Dundas was in town to show Revillion after his well-regarded collection for Pucci bowed in Milan last week. "I was very surprised, actually," said the congenial designer of the overwhelmingly great reviews. "The response was so positive, I was incredibly honored." The Daily has a crush...wait, was that Antoine Arnault? Goody.

Hours after showing her Azzaro collection, Vanessa Seward popped in to toast her friend Mouzat. "I have a half-day booked in the Dior spa," she said of her Fashion Week recovery plans as Stefano Tonchi and Anne Christensen breezed by and picked up copies of the book that were stacked on display cases. Everyone has a bit of homework. "The book may be translated into English," winked Marie Moatti to a cluster of Americans. "But you know, it's always good to practice your French!"

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