2009 March 3

Americans in Paris!

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(PARIS) Budget cuts are also affecting the travel plans of European retailers, and many are not coming to New York for the buying season. Luckily, the designers are going to them. For New York's young talent, the show during New York's Fashion Week is merely the beginning of a month-long process, starting with a week of domestic sales appointments often followed by a research jaunt to Paris for the Premiere Vision fabric fair.

The trip also doubles as a chance to connect with the retailers who flock to Paris to buy for the season ahead. The Ritz serves as the unofficial headquarters of such activity, with designers forging alliances to share the cost of a suite where they can meet and greet their international fans while securing sales for the upcoming season. The Daily hears that Brian Reyes, Alexander Wang and Victoria Bartlett are sharing a space, while Elise Øverland, Jason Wu, Erin Fetherston and Justin Giunta are also headed to town from roughly March 6-10. Expect full reports from the Ritz and Meurice bars, which serve as unofficial meeting grounds for temporary expats.

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