2009 March 2

Slumming with the Millionaires

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(MILAN) The Principe bar got some Hollywood A-list action Saturday when Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto dropped by--she's in town for the opening of the Extreme Beauty in Vogue exhibition, the week's hottest ticket.

"Excuse me," said Roopal Patel, rising from her seat to approach her favorite fashion icon. "Freida, I need to congratulate you on all you have accomplished. I am so proud of you!" Even Katie Grand and her band of editors, seated 10 feet away, appeared starstruck.

As waiters were summoned for champagne refills, Eva Mendes stood from her comfy club chair with an exaggerated yawn. "Good night, baby," she said, bise-ing Malcolm Carfrae, who's in town with Francisco Costa and Kevin Carrigan to show the Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Jeans and CK Calvin Klein line. Carfrae was summarily pummeled with questions about the Vanity Fair Oscar bash, which he attended with Costa, but sadly, he offered up very little scoop. "We were so honored to be included," he said respectfully, passing up what could've been a perfectly entertaining Brangelina dish session. Alas!

George Kolasa and Wanda McDaniel perked up when a makeup-free Milla Jovovich entered and settled down with a motley crew of sophisticates. Hours after his debut at Pucci, Peter Dundas asked Linda Fargo for her opinion on the line before the latter went to her room for some shut-eye before an early morning of Marni. Elle's Kate Lanphear, in the running for becoming the Principe's official mascot, was equally responsible--she always makes those 9 a.m. shows when lesser mortals remain bed-bound. With nights like these, late starts make so much sense.

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