2009 February 27

Armani's Three-Point Check In

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(MILAN) "We absolutely can't be late for Armani" is the mantra uttered by fash-insiders both seasoned and virgin before the Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani collections. The Italian master has the finest three-point check system to ensure that his guests are properly accounted for.

PR director Jenia Molnar greets top types at the barricaded entrance to Armani HQ on Via Borgognone, maintaining her calm even as frenzied Japanese paparazzi scratch and claw for the best shot of Kate Lanphear. Upon entering the compound, one's numbered ticket stub is taken by interns dressed to the nines in Giorgio, presumably so a data-enterer can inform the system that you did, in fact, make it. Finally, the big gun--George Kolasa--holds court in the American press section of the theater, leading VIPs and junior editors to their seats with equal enthusiasm. The Armani club is selective, all right, but come showtime, there's no better place to be.

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