2009 February 23

Chloe's Club

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(LONDON) "I hope all Fashion Week isn't like this," lamented a party-goer Friday night at London's Double Club, where Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony was celebrated hot off the heels of a party in New York. The reveler wasn't referring to the party, which had great music and a raucous atmosphere, but more to the extraordinary amount of people packed into the teeming club, including Siouxie Sioux, Pat McGrath, Edward Enninful and Humberto Leon. We scoured for Sevigny and got the initial scoop on her collection. "It's inspired by my youth in Connecticut, there are lots of classics. It's a little bit preppy with lots of earth tones and neutrals. It stemmed from the fact that my boyfriends wanted something to wear–not multiple boyfriends, just guy friends!" the actress clarified. She was only in town until Sunday afternoon (her collection was presented Sunday), when she jetted off to Spain to shoot a new film…

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