2009 February 14

Cavalli's Fighters and Flowers

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Roberto Cavalli and Padma Lakshmi Roberto Cavalli and Padma Lakshmi
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(NEW YORK) It seems that every fashion season Vanity Fair'Michael Roberts find a time in between his few hours of sleep to inspire a big-name designer book collaboration. This time his partner in publishing was Roberto Cavalli, who flew into Gotham to toast Fighters and Flowers. “There’s a lot to frown upon these days, but being creative and happy could take you a long way,” decided the congenial designer. “And that’s exactly what I’m focusing on. Being in New York, getting inspired, and actually doing something uplifting. There is much to live and much more to give!”

Indeed, Cavalli happily greeted and hugged his guests like Padma Lakshmi, Carlos Miele, Eva Chow, and Venezualan Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza. “I was always a Cavalli fantatic,” the latter beauty smiled. “His clothes are wild, feminine, and sexy! I even left my sash at home because this is fashion event.” Roberts, meanwhile, tirelessly signed copies of the book for the likes of Grace Coddington and Carlos Souza. “These books could only take few days to put together, once the idea is settled,” the Vanity Fair style master offered. “Because they are really closely inspired by designer’s collections. On the other hand, the big book on Brazil that I’ve been working is taking me forever to do! It will come out 2010 and I have till August to finish it!”

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