2009 February 12

Boys' Night Out

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Clive Owen in Armani Clive Owen in Armani
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(NEW YORK) It was a night for the boys Wednesday evening at NYC’s Touch, when Esquire fêted fashion director Nick Sullivan’s fifth anniversary at the magazine. On hand to toast? March cover man and The International star Clive Owen, who stopped by the chic event before jetting back to the U.K. Esquire EIC David Granger and publisher Kevin C. O’Malley mingled with performer--and recent Grammy winner!--Anthony Hamilton and chicsters (of the male persuasion) Thom Browne, David Lauren, Andre Benjamin and Fonzworth Bentley.

“We shoot loads of actors,” said Sullivan, “and some are fantastic, icons, but incredibly difficult—yet still worth it for that reason. Some are really great because they really connect with our readers, and I think Clive is a classic example of that. Really charming, really good looking, really put together…” Could the bond have something to do with Owen being a fellow Brit? “Well, we do speak the same language, so maybe that helps!”

Owen had similarly complimentary things to say about Sullivan. “I’ve worked with Nick a couple of times, and he’s not only really great at his job, but he’s a really lovely guy,” he said. The Armani-clad star demurred calling himself a stylish man, instead humbly admitting, “I’m blessed because I get put in some very stylish clothes…But I like fashion shows. I go to Milan quite a bit.”

Of course, with New York Fashion Week so close on the horizon, guests were buzzing. “It’s great that we’ve got Calvin Klein men’s showing here,” said Sullivan, who listed—aside from Calvin—Gilded Age and Rag & Bone the shows not to be missed this season. “I think that’s a great step. I hope that continues.” Hamilton had other engagements (like an upcoming performance at a Michael Jordan event), but seemed intrigued by the week of mayhem ahead: “I might swing back this way, if my frequent flyer miles are looking good!”

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