2009 February 11

Turning the Camera Around

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Tony Shafrazi, Michael Musto and Patrick McMullan Tony Shafrazi, Michael Musto and Patrick McMullan
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(NEW YORK) There are few individuals that can attract the likes of Suzanne Bartsch and Charlie Rose--and make them equally comfortable mugging for the camera. Patrick McMullan was the man of the hour last night, and hordes of his nearest and dearest gathered at Upper East Side institution Elaine's to toast his twenty years as a contributor to Interview magazine. “When I was little it was hard to explain my life to other kids," said son Liam McMullan. "Being around drag queens from the age of 2 definitely changes your perception of your surroundings.”

"Patrick is party pictures," said David Patrick Columbia. "I just love him as person. He’s one of the most generous, kind, exuberantly positive people," said actress Marisa Berenson, who was wearing vintage pieces from YSL, among others. "He’s refreshing. He’s always a ray of sunshine." The venue was so packed that a van was enlisted outside the restaurant to operate as a coat check. Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour joined Glenn O'Brien and Chris Bollen to toast McMullan. "I think one of my favorite memories was not so long ago," said O'Brien. "I was at Art Basel Miami. I was ready to go to bed and Patrick got me out of bed and dragged me out for hours. It was probably the last time I stayed out all night.”

Many shared memories of Patrick's two decades at Interview, but for Lydia Hearst-Shaw, the memories started almost at birth. "I think the first time he shot me was for a family portrait," said Hearst-Shaw. "I was three or four years old." For those who couldn't make the lengthy trek uptown, the afterparty proved to be just as hot. Hamish Bowles and Olivier Zahm continued the evening's festivities downtown at 1OAK, and the mugging for the cameras lasted until well after midnight...

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