• $80

    2009 April 21

    Green, Inside and Out

    WHAT: LNA's 100% hemp short-sleeved deep crewneck tee

    WHY: We know, we know--we're a little obsessed with LNA (this is Obsessions, after all!). But in the spirit of Earth week, we couldn't help but bring you the perfect tee brand's eco-chic contribution: a 100% hemp slouchy crew-neck. It comes in black and white, too...but really, wouldn't you rather be green?

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  • $35.00 for 100 ml

    2009 April 20

    Get Closer

    WHAT: Gap close

    WHY: Patrick Robinson's first signature fragrance is about to launch, and the scent hounds are already sniffing around. Fresh and floral, soft but still rich and sensual, close may be Robinson's premiere effort, but it's sure to become as classic as the brand itself--but with a twist. “Being sexy is part of [the Gap lifestyle], and that was the first criteria for this fragrance," Robinson said of the fragrance. We're faithful followers already.

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  • $88

    2009 April 17

    The Love Generation

    WHAT: Generation Love's tank

    WHY: With Earth Day approaching, you're trying to make an effort to incorporate more eco-chic elements into your wardrobe--but without sacrificing style, bien sur! Love Generation tanks and tees are the perfect building blocks. Made of organic supima cotton, the super-soft pieces fill your green requirements--and you'll adore the details, like the tiny pocket lined with studs.

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  • $89

    2009 April 16

    Sporty Spice

    WHAT: New Balance for Nine West Classy shoe

    WHY: Admit it: sometimes, your pedicured toes yearn for something a little more forgiving than those sky-high stilettos you're always squeezing them into--and after last night's New Yorkers for Children gala, they're crying out for a little love. Nothing but sneakers will do, so why not at least give them a sassy edge with this retro New Balance for Nine West pair in crayola-colored pink, yellow and turquoise? Your feet will thank you.

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