• $185.00

    2009 May 6

    Easy as A, B, C

    WHAT: Melissa Joy Manning alphabet charm necklace

    WHY: We'll admit it--sometimes we're last-minute shoppers. Christmas Eve, hours before a birthday party...and we've waited again this year to do our Mother's Day shopping. You too? Great news: Melissa Joy Manning's personalized charm necklaces are not only a perfect gift for mom, but she feels your last-minute pain--which is why the designer is holding a trunk show tomorrow afternoon at Greenwich Jewelers from noon until 5 p.m., where you can choose from initials, birth stones, chains, and organic pieces to create the perfect piece.


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  • $295

    2009 May 5

    In the Pink

    WHAT: Tory Burch's Tanya Sandal

    WHY: The rain outside shows no signs of subsiding, so you'll need a little something to brighten up your day. How about a shot of neon? This cheery summer sandal--though perhaps not quite right for aujourd'hui--will pack the perfect punch as a match for a summery white sundress.

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  • $210

    2009 May 4

    Acting Shady

    WHAT: Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunglasses

    WHY: Step aside, Wayfarers! Our go-to shades are about to be upstaged by New Zealand designer Karen Walker's quirky (comme toujours) take on sunnies. The fresh new shape, the fun purple frames...and then there's those practical perks, like UV protection for your peepers. Consider us sold.

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  • $178

    2009 May 1

    White Out

    WHAT: hello! SkinnyJeans SandalCut WhiteOut

    WHY: For some reason, come summer, you're thrilled to sport the shortest cutoff jean shorts or the miniest mini dresses, but white jeans still elicit terror. Is it the '80s flashbacks? The frightening past episodes in poorly-lit fitting rooms? No matter the problem, SkinnyJeans have solved it. With tricky elements like strategic seaming, flattering back pocket placement, un-stretchable fabric, or an ingenius front pocket panel that somehow flattens your stomach, you'll be embracing these white jeans like you never thought you could. Happy spring!

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