• 2009 May 18

    Like a White Winged Dove

    WHAT: Hudson Jeans Eddy white jeans


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  • $264

    2009 May 18

    Neon Bible

    WHAT: Made Her Think Crystal Dropped and Foxtail Necklace

    WHY: You've been obsessed with all thing neon since you saw Karlie Kloss stomp down the runway in that acid-green fur at Michael Kors' fall 2009 show. But as a blindingly bright chubby might be a bit tricky to pull off day-to-day, may we suggest instead something un peu more subtle? Made Her Think's necklace brightens up this glam crystal necklace with a neon green bow, for a sweet touch that's also more than a little bit sassy.

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  • $470

    2009 May 15

    Weekend Warriors

    WHAT: Church's classic Burwood brogues

    WHY: It's the weekend, so we'll allow you to kick off those several-inch stilettos and get comfortable--but we simply will not allow ratty old sneakers (Converse exempt) or knarly flip-flops as an appropriate pairing for your still-chic weekend wear. We adore all things menswear, so why not add a touch of wit to your look with these classic red oxfords? Perfect with a flirty mini or your favorite cuffed jeans, and the flat soles will let your arches breathe easy...until Monday!

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  • $2,395

    2009 May 14

    Show Your Stripes

    WHAT: ChloƩ Else Sequin handbag

    WHY: When you think of ChloĆ© bags, you don't necessarily think of stripes--and you certainly don't think of sequins. You think of sumptuous leather, and--let's be frank--the It bag, whether it be the Paddington, Bay, or Elvire. How, then, can this little striped and sequined bag be so perfect, you ask? We're not sure either...but we won't ask questions. We're in love.

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