• $42

    2009 June 10

    Hold Steady

    WHAT: Roxy's Ready Set Sports Bra

    WHY: Because the warm weather is unleashing our inner athletes, and a new sportswear line is sure to pique your interest as well. Roxy Sportswear has launched this summer, and The Daily is very into the chic-yet-functional pieces that work swimmingly for surf, sun and all things sport. This sports bra is a much-needed basic with a fashion twist--and who doesn't need another one?

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  • $325

    2009 June 9

    Shady Lady

    WHAT: Victor Osborne's oversized sun hat

    WHY: We know you're good about slathering on the SPF, darlings, but better safe than sorry, non? This oh-so-chic wide-brimmed straw hat will keep you protected from the sun in style. We see it paired perfectly with a teeny bikini, a margarita, and some tropical locale...


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  • $680

    2009 June 8

    Endless Summer

    WHAT: Lanvin's Gourmet 22 Faubourg tote

    WHY: It's a New York fact: When the temperature starts rising, so do the moods of the cityfolk. Summer is the cheeriest time of all (even in this ville of cynics!), and if this Lanvin tote doesn't please you, well, you're just out of look. The color! Alber's joyous sketch! If there's one cause we can get behind this season, it's definitely "Lanvin Toute L’Année."


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  • $700

    2009 June 5

    God of Travelers

    WHAT: Hermès night sandal in gold metallic Nappa leather

    WHY: The sandals that the mythical Hermès sported may have been embellished with a certain pair of wings--but we prefer this more pared-down pair anyway. These flats are the perfect refresher from last season's ubiquitous gladiator; you'll pair them with everything from your cropped cigarette pants to your cutoff jean shorts and flippy, flirty minis. Who needs to fly, anyway?


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