• $270

    2009 July 10

    Shady Lady

    WHAT: Retrosun Paloma Picasso vintage sunglasses

    WHY: It's Friday! Visions of frolicking in the sun are already running through your head, but don't forget to protect those pretty peepers. With Wayfarers running rampant in the city (though we admit that we love), why not try a pair of specs that will make you stand out in the crowd? These vintage shades by Paloma Picassa are transparent navy, and though the shape isn't too outrageous, they're certainly a spin on your old standbys. Don't forget the SPF!

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  • $995

    2009 July 8

    The Gold Standard

    WHAT: Givenchy gold sandal

    WHY: We haven't been able to stop running all the couture shows through our heads this week, but the one we keep coming back to? Givenchy. (Just when we think we're over the harem pants thing, Riccardo Tisci has to go and make them in gold.) And though we may not be able to get our hands on that particular pair--it is a recession, darlings--these shoes will suffice...and then some.

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  • $528

    2009 July 8

    A Tangled Web...

    WHAT: Lee Angel draped beaded bib necklace in coral

    WHY: Turquoise and coral are our go-tos when we want to add a jolt of color to our summery wardrobes. You know how we love a statement necklace, so this Lee Angel number, made of a tangle of gorgeous strands of multicolored coral set on gold chain, should do the trick. Whether you're jazzing up a white tee or adding the final touch to your LBD...we dare you to take it off!

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  • $212

    2009 July 7

    La Vie En Rose

    WHAT: St. Kilda Aussie diamond ring in rose gold

    WHY: We don't know if it's the Marion Cotillard sightings or what, but for some reason we've had that Edith Piaf ditty stuck in our heads for days. Our solution? Embrace it--by way of this lovely little rose gold ring. Delicate enough to stack up with your others baubles (and happy to step to the background behind flashier cocktail rocks), we're thinking this ring may have joined the elusive ranks of an everyday piece. You'll be humming that song in no time...

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