• $198

    2009 August 24

    Hot and Cold

    WHAT: Cecelia de Bucourt studded fringe scarf

    WHY: It's the eternal summer conundrum: the more the temperature rises outdoors, the higher the AC gets cranked indoors. So while you're sweltering in next to nothing on your walk to work, you freeze as soon as you settle in at your desk. Short of stashing your parka at the office, what's a girl to do? Enter this scarf. Brass metal studs and metal link fringe make it just as edgy as any of your chunky gold jewelry, but triple layers of jersey will surely take the chill off.

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  • $595

    2009 August 21

    This Little Piggy Wore Marc

    WHAT: Marc Jacobs frame wallet sequined purse

    WHY: We've heard that Marc has busy recently creating an ensemble for Miss Piggy for a Glamorama appearance in Chicago, but we wonder if he's thought about accessories? This petite purse is perfect for Piggy's, um, svelte frame, and we think the hot pink sequins are right up her alley. And while you're outfitting the fashion icon with this amazing pouchette...can you send one our way, as well?

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  • $253

    2009 August 20

    Lace It Up

    WHAT: Marie-Laure Chamorel Dentelle/Etain necklace

    WHY: We've never been one for a head-to-toe look; for our ensembles, the magic comes in the mix, whether it's high-low, sweet-sexy, or feminine-masculine. This Marie-Laure Chamorel strikes the perfect balance--the gold beads are chunky, tough, a little dark, but ever-so-subtly nested in between? Chantilly lace. Hardware and lace, topped off with another welcome surprise--a tassel!--makes for one mix we won't want to take off.

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  • $285

    2009 August 19

    Blues Traveler

    WHAT: MODO for Jennifer Creel Sabrina sunglasses

    WHY: We used to be of the opinion that one good pair of shades would do. Whether you're an aviator, a wayfarer, or an oversized-sunglasses type, your signature pair would see you through. No more! With so many styles to choose from (what about cat-eye? Gradient? Heart-shaped?), we're picking out a different pair for every ensemble, starting with these blue MODO for Jennifer Creel creations. Rose-colored glasses are so overrated...

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