• $440

    2009 September 15

    Color Play

    WHAT: Preen Line Band dress

    WHY: You've been seeing a lot of black on show-goers this week, and that's ok. It's easy, it's flattering..but it's a little boring, n'est-ce pas? Give the front row something to look at with this cheery red Preen Line dress. Take advantage of the still-warm weather by sporting it bare-shouldered, but take it into the fall with that ubiquitous blazer and ankle boots. Those black-clad crowds won't know what hit 'em!

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  • $5,000

    2009 September 14

    H Is For...

    WHAT: Hoorsenbuhs Dame Phantom ring

    WHAT: Knuckle rings have had their time, as have full-finger rings and even those with a gold nail attached (hey, to each his own). Want to make a statement with something a bit more classic? We do, too. Hoorsenbuhs' rose gold and white diamond ring has a double band for a wide, dramatic bague--that you won't see on every would-be hipster in a few weeks' time.

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  • $890

    2009 September 12

    What A Stud

    WHAT: Prada cutout studded platform

    WHY: They may not be those over-the-knee wellies we've been swooning over since March, but they'll certainly do. Prada's bordeaux and black crackled leather platforms, speckled with stud, have all the drama that you remember from that stunningly dark runway show...but they're un peu easier to pull off with your day-to-day ensembles. What could be better?

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  • $30

    2009 September 11

    In the Pink

    WHAT: Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté sheer sensual gloss stick.

    WHY: You've been running around town to shows for just a few days now, but you're already feeling the fatigue. Don't you know a hint of color is all you need to refresh those faces, darlings? Yves Saint Laurent's new Gloss Volupté will bring a bit of life back to that face just in time for the next show. And fear not: unlike more dramatic lip colors, this sheer gloss is easy enough to apply on the go. Carry on!

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